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Round Tables

Available in the Following Sizes: 

36 Inch Round---Seats 3-5

48 Inch Round---Seats 6-8

60 Inch Round--Seats 8-10 

72 Inch Round---Seats 10-12

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Banquet Tables

Our banquet tables are perfect for setting up a lovely food display, gift table, dessert/cake table, and guest of honor table. 


Available in the following sizes:

6 Ft. Rectangle-Seats 6-8

8 Ft. Rectangle-Seats 8-10 

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Available in the Following Sizes: 


32 Inch Square--Seats 2-4

36 Inch Round---Seats 3-5


*Please Note*

Café Table Height--30 inch Tall

Cocktail Table Height-- 42 Inch

Wood Table.png

Wooden Tables

Coming June 2024!

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