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Round Tablecloths

Available in the Following Sizes: 

36 Inch Round---108  Inch Floor Length

48 Inch Round--108 Inch  (above ground)

60 Inch Round--120 Inch Floor Length

72 Inch Round---132 Inch Floor Length

Available Colors: 

White, Ivory, Champagne, Red, Navy,  Black

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Banquet Tablecloths

Available in the following sizes:

6 Ft. Rectangle--90 x 132 Inch Floor Length

8 Ft. Rectangle--90 x 156 Floor Length

Available Colors: 

White, Ivory, Champagne,  Black

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Satin Tablecloth

120 Inch Satin Rounds

When nothing less than sassy and sophisticated will do!

Available in the following colors:  Silver/Wine/Purple/Navy/Brown

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Satin Table Overlays

72 Inch Satin Rounds 

Available in the following colors:

  Silver, Princess Blue, Princess Pink, Salmon Pink,  Red, Black, and Turquoise

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Organza Table Overlays

72 Inch Organza Square

When you need that whimsical, ethereal feel for your event

Available in:  Gold, Sage, Lilac

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Rosette Table Overlay

72 Inch Rosette Square

Perfect way to dress up a special table for your event

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